Mentorformen roots

Open male circles – Tuesday Conversations (2006-2017)

Tuesday Conversations group was launched in January 2006 in Budapest, Hungary, inspired by the book of Mitch Albom: Tuesdays with Morrie.  This male circle had been providing a safe space for 12 years for any men willing to settle-in for as little as two hours, and experience, face the (extra)ordinary with other likeminded men. Storytelling, sharing, silence and simple exercises were the four most common practices of this Circle, and the use of a Talking stick: a very simple way of practicing responsibility.

Closed male circles – Five Elements (2008-2012)

In order to deepen the connections amongst men and the journey within self, a yearlong closed circle has been created in 2008. Those of the five consecutive groups had the chance to deep dive into what we call ordinary masculinity. Various initiation ceremonies paved the way of these brave men, as well as the uncomfortable situations that came from silence, inconvenient discussions, hot-chair exercises and physical challenges as well. Alumni of those five cohorts maintain strong relations amongst themselves, and ever since there is an annual “All-stars” retreat organized.

Integral male retreats (2007 - ongoing)

These stand-alone retreats give the opportunity to work on certain aspects of our divine masculinity – most of the times in very ordinary ways. Often we experience how divine and ordinary are closely connected and often actually the same. Such events are held in nature, in order to give the opportunity for men to meet their ancient „cavemen” self, in a way that is incorporating today’s modern settings. The Native American ceremony of sweat lodge and other rites of passages provide a special atmosphere for men to get in touch with their roots and meet their core in a profound way.

Initiation ceremonies (Bachelor initiation, Wedding ceremony, Rites of passages)

Starting from 2011, there have been numerous retreats and ceremonies held in Austria, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, Slovakia, South Africa and UK for smaller and larger male circles, communities.

When a 12-years old boy faces his own fear and overcomes it by a challenging and rather fearful exercise that is rooted with our aboriginal ancestors, that is an experience never-forgotten both for father and son, as well as other supporters and participants.

When a man is to be married and wants to say goodbye to his single life in a spiritual way, choosing carefully the circle of men he wants to be with, experiencing simple yet profound exercises and contemplates on symbols that help in his preparation for the marriage that is described as priceless.

Sweat lodge ceremonies and Nature Quests are providing a special container for the participating men: blending individual experiences with community support and sharing. Moving out of the comfort-zone, and realizing where our true and unique potential lies is clearly one of the most rewarding experiences.

Individual mentoring and coaching

To benefit from the experience of the network of mentors, it is possible to have one-on-one sessions with Mentorformen and this way get full attention and the chance of a deep healing process – that usually comes from unexpected places and times. Buckle up, this can be a very bumpy ride too!